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Gotta listen to those inner voices... smile..

Wednesday Mar 13, 2002 01:54:00 PM

(excerpt REAL Family Press - 3/13/02 - copyrighted Linda Nelson AKA "the Lady")

Mornin, Y’all… Today is a ‘pupper Press’… This summer we have to make another cross-country drive from California to Virginia, so of course it will be in Lucy and with the puppers… With another trip upcoming, I’ve been making a point of walking the puppers in the park every day or so, in the hopes that they’ll re-socialize themselves now to make the trip easier on all of us… And whenever possible, I hook up the harnesses and take them with me on errands so they get used again to getting into the truck, riding, etc.

YogiBear’s sorta/kinda a PITA when traveling as he tends to get nervous, but BooBooDog is a dream to travel with as long as she can get close enough to lay a head on someone’s lap… Generally she curls up immediately and goes to sleep, but Rogaine’s always difficult to find a spot in the back seat as the A/C bothers him, the sun beating in bothers him, etc… What can I say?… LOL... Puppers & kitties are (or should be) treated like members of your family and you do what ya gotta do, ‘cause what they give you back FAR outweighs any extra effort you have to go through…

And because they’re with me 24/7, they also tend to get very protective of me – not allowing people to approach me without causin’ a racket… It’s like having 3 watchdogs for the price (and weight) of one… LOL…

Yesterday was ‘groomer day’ because regardless of what I do, I can’t get them to look like Maggie does… Maggie always manages to get our “mudder” (BooBooDog) back to her normal white self… Clipping the puppers’ nails is well worth the $20 ‘cause they use their ‘fingers’ just like humans do… The longer the ‘fingernails,’ the easier it is for them to get into things they’re not supposed to… LOL… Especially BooBooDog who has learned to open every cabinet and door around here~!!

So I hook up the harnesses yesterday and out we go… I tend to do ‘circle trips’ to save money on gas, so I had errands to run on the ‘circle’ as well… First stop was Blockbuster to drop off the videos from when Des was sick… Don’t ask me why I did this, ‘cause I don’t normally, but as I stopped right by the drop-off slot at Blockbuster, I turned off the truck and pulled the keys with me…

I jumped out and slid the videos through the slot, turned around in just seconds and in that very short period of time, YogiBear had managed to stomp down on every button on my side of the door (which is the master console)…

So not only had he locked every door in the truck, he also managed to lock the windows, etc… LOL… Boy~!! Was I ever glad that I’d taken my keys with me, ‘cause otherwise I’d been in bad shape… No phone to call, my purse inside the truck and the puppers locked inside…

Sometimes it pays to listen to those inner voices we all hear, huh?

As Always, The Lady

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