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Bird Watcher/Catcher - NOT

Tuesday Apr 30, 2002 01:50:00 PM

(excerpt REAL Family Press - 4/30/02 - copyrighted Linda Nelson AKA "The Lady")

Over the front door, another nest by the blackbirds has been built (common spot for these blackbirds – hopefully we won’t have one get into the heating duct again this year)…

But two new nests have been built over top of the slatted overhang in the back… YogiBear can sit for hours watchin’ those blackbirds back there… Somehow he thinks he’s gonna catch them and it’s almost funny because after he gets annoying, Momma BlackBird and Poppa BlackBird will take turns at swoopin’ down at him…

They end up drivin' YogiBear 'round the back yard like border collies drivin' sheep... LOL…

Poor BooBooDog and Rogaine head for the doghouse when that happens and you can just see their thoughts in their expression… “You dumb ole dog… you really think you gonna catch one of them birdies???… All you do is get them upset… and then we lose our back yard as they dive bomb us… Get in here and stop your yapping!!”… LOL…

Poor YogiBear… Every summer he goes through this and still hasn’t learned nothin’~!!!.. He stands 14” tall and somehow thinks he’s gonna catch a birdie 9’ off the ground~!!... Geezie, Peezie~!!…

As Always, The Lady Oh, to be a pupper

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