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Photos - Dog Obedience - Pg 3 (Last)

Sunday Dec 10, 2006 08:15:00 AM

Page 3 - December 9, 2006 - Continued...

Next was the 'long stay' where she's supposed to sit and stay when I walk away from her... And we got a 'good Chihuahua!' from Dr. Deena 'cause Peanut did this one for me on the first try! I'm a happy camper!

'Course I think Peanut was still worried about that Akita 'eating' her at the time and stayed where she was accidentally! LOL...

Another new command for today - the 'down' command... Neither Peanut nor I got it at first, but we sure are trying to understand the process as we're listening!

I mean, how much further down can she get? (smile).. She's only 9" from the ground now!

And Peanut was just NOT going to do that 'down' command no matter what I did or said... I could just 'hear' her thinking that there is NO way she' was going to lay down on that cold concrete for me... Sitting and getting her butt cold was MORE than she wanted to do to begin with! Her warmie has no 'seat' to start out with... And I want her to get her uncovered belly cold too? I must be out of my mind!

So, it's 'cone' time again so the dogs don't get 'bored' with class... And this time, Peanut does do it right!! I just love my little Peanut!!! That's Dr. Deena in the background watching Peanut 'do the cones'.

I know everyone thinks their puppers are the best in the world - I'm no different!... Paul (my husband) has told me numerous times how much he enjoyed putting his two Rhodesian Ridgebacks through obedience and advanced obedience (although Zulu did turn out to be a 'psycho dog' as Paul calls him! If Simba didn't do it, Zulu was lost at ANY command!)... I was a bit envious at Paul's 'obedience memories' when he talked about them...

I know in my heart of hearts that what our four rescues know and do are simply because of my "untrained" training... And I'm very proud of all four of them too!...

But Peanut has a 'special' place in my heart because she just came SO far from where she was when I rescued her - our vet believes she was six years old (in 2004) so that makes her eight years old now. At the beginning, Peanut was very aggressive, a 'sneak' nipper at your heels when you least expected it and would NOT allow you to touch anywhere near her head or neck... In fact, she'd seldom let anyone touch her - and for the first three weeks I kept her harness and leash on her just so that I could catch her because she would NOT come to me no matter what! (Trust me, it took HOURS one day to get that harness and leash on her too! Plus numerous bites on my hands to achieve it!)

Peanut would shiver and shake like jello but absolutely would NOT let you put a sweater on her no matter what... It took her MONTHS to bond to me, let alone the rest of my human family - and there were MANY days at the beginning that I believed I'd made a BIG mistake adopting her... I'd never had a Chihuahua before, and Chinese Cresteds have a completely different personality too, so I really had to change my way of thinking too... But I never lost faith in Peanut no matter what...

It is a DAILY trial for her in our 'pack' sometimes because she is the tiniest of the four... And the other three tails wagging hits her right at head level, so she's always got to come up underneath the others to get to me and avoid getting 'head-whacked' by the Cresteds and Rogaine!...

It's not that I love her more than the other three rescues, but that I've had to invest more in her to get her where she is today (the other three rescues we adopted as young puppers). It just goes to show you (once again) that EVERY rescue - no matter the age - can become a valued member of your 'pack' and family!

Will we graduate from Dog Obedience class? Who knows? But it won't be for a lack of trying! Three minutes with YogiBear and he 'gets it' immediately... I can spend ten times that time with Peanut before she understands what I want her to do sometimes... And I have four rescues that (eventually) I want to all be good obedient members of my family - so our work is cut out for us!... Hopefully Peanut will be the shining example and one day all four will be MORE fantastic than they are right now (LOL... if possible!).

In closing... A 'perfect' sit from the Peanut!

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Posted By: 2006/12/10 10:33:56 AM
Yay peanut :>D

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