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Photos - Dog Obedience - Pg 1

Sunday Dec 10, 2006 07:24:00 AM

For those of you who don't know who Peanut is, she's a rescue I adopted two years ago from the Ventura County Animal Shelter. She was just a bit more than three pounds and was referred to as "coyote bait" by one of the staff there because she'd been "on the streets" for quite some time... woefully thin and when I first adopted her, it took me almost six months to even get a leash or harness on her without her taking a nip out of me!

She's become my 'baby' and I SO love all my adventures with her - our latest being (UT OH) 'Dog Obedience Class' at the shelter, courtesy of Dr. Deena Case-Pall, Ph.D. or if the link is not working because I'm an idiot - 

Today Desiree (my dear daughter and partner in crime!) went with us to class and having camera at hand, had a great time taking photos of us! Before class starts though, we have to stop and let Peanut take a little tinkle!

I should say first that it was a cold, blustery day for us here in Southern California. With my large (recent) weight loss, it's hard to find things that fit me right anymore, so please excuse the baggy britches ahead of time here, OK?

I was trying to find something warm to wear & ended up wearing two bulky sweaters underneath my jacket to stay warm! Geesh! Whatever I ended up wearing also had to have pockets for the treats I needed to carry PLUS it needed to be somewhat waterproof because it looked like rain at any time! And although I told Desiree it gets cold on that parking lot during class, she still ended up heading back to the truck later to get her heavier coat! Sometimes, Momma DOES know what she's talkin' 'bout! (smile)

Peanut on the other hand is ALWAYS cold as soon as it gets chilly around here. Even if you buy her an 'extra small' in anything, it's hard to find warmies for her that fit!!! I had to take in her tiny sweat suit in ALL kinds of places just so she didn't lose it when she was walking! And it still didn't quite fit right! Geesh!

At the beginning of class, Peanut acted like I wanted her to do things she'd never learned before! I noticed earlier in classes that she's not that crazy about the 'gentle leader' collar. So this time I tricked her by putting her harness - what she was used to wearing prior to the start of obedience classes- UNDERNEATH her warmie FIRST...

And then I put the the 'gentle leader' for class, leaving the harness underneath next to her skin like normal... (smile)... There's more than one way to get a result you want, huh?

She and I had to have one of those 'heart-to-heart' talks about exactly why we were there... And how we've been doing this in the back yard for days and days now... And that she DOES know how to do this... And that she should pay no attention to that Akita that wants to eat her for his lunch today! (I felt SO bad for that Akita's owner too - why is it when you want them to do well, all their training goes right out of their little pea pickin' brains?... LOL...

I think I got through to Peanut, 'cause she started doing better after our 'heart-to-heart'... (smile)... That and all those yummy treats I was carrying around in my pockets and hand!

Of course, she's consistently facing the wrong way, but we haven't given up yet! We have a whole hour to finally do something we've been practicing for days! I'd like to think she does it as a "I have your back, Mom and you have mine, OK?" thought process, but I know dogs don't think like we do... LOL... ANYTHING to explain why she's always pointing the wrong direction, huh?

And to be fair to both of us, it's starting to really get cold, windy and look like we're going to get rain at any time! Her hood - my hood - and just about everything else is flying around! Classes are held in the parking lot at the shelter and there are a GAZILLION dogs parking in the kennels behind us NON-STOP! That's a distraction too, but more 'real world' once we ever graduate from Dog Obedience Class - if Peanut and I ever do!

Peanut's not too keen on the 'sit' command yet, but (most of the time) she will 'heel' when I start out on the left foot... So at least Dr. Deena knows I have been working with Peanut since the last class... even if Peanut's not too happy about what's going on around us!

Peanut is outweighed by at LEAST twenty pounds by all of her other classmates - when she's at home with 'her pack' nothing intimidates her at all... She's the 'queen bee' around here and ALWAYS the FIRST one out the door to clear her 'domain' in the back yard...

But in class?... Not a peep nor a sound does she make!

Onto the next page of our class HERE

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Posted By: 2006/12/10 07:48:26 AM
wow! You guys must have been cold! If they made warmup clothes for us bidys mommy would have a whole wardrobe for me! TOL

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