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Visitors for T-Day... Ut oh...

Sunday Nov 26, 2006 08:21:00 AM

We have visitors now... Well, at least I think they're visitors... Two humans arrived here last week and they brought two puppers with them... My mom acted like she knew them and so did the rest of my pack, but I sure didn't!... And I'm not sure if I like these new visitors or not...

They came with a WHOLE lotta stuff... Even beds, for Pete's Sakes!... I think if you bring your bed with you, you must intend to stay for awhile, right?

My mom told me it's HER mom and her mom's rescues... Robbie is an old man and really doesn't want to play with me very much... And he coughs a lot too... My mom says I need to be more gentle with him...

And the other one?... Muffin?... She does NOT like me and I feel just about the same way too!... My mom fusses at me when I don't get along with the visitors 'cause she says it's not very polite at all...

But what's a peanut to do?... I mean, they're even eating out of MY food bowl too!... What's with that?... And they get treats and goodies just like we do!... Geezie, peezie!...

I thought I had enough to 'patrol' around here with the four puppies next door... My mom says I need to be polite and not bark at them too... But my dad says it sounds like we're out 'killing lions' in the backyard now... And they don't let me out as much as I'd like to go because I bark too much at the puppies next door...

I can see them... Well, sorta/kinda... Through the slats in the fence... And I sure can smell them... They don't cry as much as they used to, but they sure do run around and so I have to bark at them anyway... Then mom comes out and fusses at me for that too!...

Some days it just seems like I can't win no matter what I do! Ut oh - gotta go - those visitors are headed toward my food bowl again....

Love, Peanut

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Posted By: Comet 2006/11/26 01:27:02 PM
I shudder every time Mom comes home with another mouth to feed, and someolse I have to be nice to- or else!

Posted By: 2006/11/26 09:37:32 AM
Poor peanut Dx

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