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Why Do I Have To Share?

Sunday Oct 15, 2006 12:10:00 PM

I'm the tiniest pupper around here and get the coldest of all four, so my Mom has bought a few 'kitty' beds for me as well as TINY beds. As I like resting aside of her, she's got a few scattered around the house for me too... don't I have a nice momma?

My big brother Rogaine is FOREVER trying to fit into them - and he's just TOO big. Sometimes he can only get his big butt into one, but that leaves his front half hanging out on the floor. He doesn't care much for that, so then he'll get up, turn around and lay down - which then leaves his butt on the floor getting cold. Why does he even try? Can't he see they are 'peanut-sized' beds? Geesh!

My sissy BooBooDog is another one - regardless of where I am sleeping, she has to come and squeeze in aside of me. What's with that?

Recently I found a new spot to sleep in - I'm not sure I'm supposed to be sleeping in that big white tub I found but as Momma's just throwing scrap materials in there, it sure did turn out to be comfortable and warm.

And ya know? Sure as sugar, BooBooDog just had to squeeze in there, pushing me out of my newest 'cuddle spot'. What's a gal gotta do around here to have her own space? Geezie, Peezie?

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Posted By: Hootie 2006/10/15 05:27:51 PM
In my house it is the opposite..... Precious takes all the room on my big bed because she likes to be right by me all the time. I don't mind though cause she is my lil sister! I try to get in her lil bed when no one is looking. It is tough work!!

Posted By: Comet 2006/10/15 03:06:42 PM
I just sit on everyone that tries to get in MY way!

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