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Why I'm here - so vote for me!

Tuesday Oct 10, 2006 01:58:00 AM

My mom is a softie - she has four of us rescues now (I was number four) so when she saw the opportunity to win $1,000 for a pet charity, can you believe she spent most of yesterday registering and building pages for each of her? She writes an ezine and for the past two years has been telling people about my antics, so she included those in my blog as well!

She wants to win the monthly prize for VCAR (Ventura County Animal Rescue) - they were the organization that did the evacuations for the animals from the Day Fire that burned all September here in Southern California. It's also the place I came from two years ago.

My mom also makes "Snuggles" for the shelter on a weekly basis - 'cause they always need them to make the newcomers feel welcomed and less lonely after they arrive. You can do that too for your local shelter or rescue organization - they can always use them. Ask your mom to visit this website for all the details:

Remember, don't breed or buy if a rescue animal has to die! And thank you for your votes! We appreciate them!

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Posted By: Kingaires Rosedale Valley Boy 2006/10/22 10:27:19 AM
Way to go! We support Snuggles too ':}

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/10 07:54:33 AM
Sounds like you got a wonderful mom!

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