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Peanut's Peculiarilities

Thursday Jul 13, 2006 02:16:00 PM

(REAL Family Press - 7/13/06 - copyrighted Linda Nelson AKA "The Lady")

Here I sit ‘still pregnant’… LOL… Peanut’s taken up her old habits again… Her personal preference is to be on my lap underneath my robe or whatever else I have on… (not always convenient if you know what I mean)… It’s like being 6 months pregnant with a 4 lb hot water bag on your lap…

What a funny little pupper she is… Des is going to the adult school to get the jump on her studies with a class, so we’ve begun the morning trek this week… Peanut used to go everywhere with me before I got so sick in June, so for awhile those “Wanna take a ride?” queries of her had stopped… Once I had said that, Peanut would be up on the arm of the chair closest to the door, waiting for her harness… As well as any other time she saw me grab my truck keys… LOL…

And if she didn’t go?... She give you one of those REAL sorry looks of hers… LOL…

She has a center high seat in my truck so she can ‘survey her domain’… While Rogaine will simply bark at other cars (no one ever handed him an award for his smarts), Peanut is particular at who or what she lords over… Other puppers?... Without a doubt regardless of their size… People on the street usually get a waggle of the tail until she determines they are not Desiree – then she just watches, watches, watches them…

She lets NO ONE close to ‘The Beast’ as we call my truck… Think she puts her ‘zone’ around the truck and if I’ve got the seat pushed back, eyes closed, waiting for Des, she hits her zone button and is on the prowl…

“HALT… Who goes there?... You’re not Mom, Daddy or Desiree~!... Proceed any further and I’ll jump right out of my high chair and give you a ‘what for’ bigger than I am… (Hey, Mom… Wake up (her low growl)… Some goomer is getting close to our big white moveable dog house here)”…

“YOU THERE – I MEAN WHAT I SAY – PAY ATTENTION TO ME BECAUSE I’M THE PEANUT AND I OWN ALL I SURVEY”…. Lord have mercy, Peanut can REALLY get to going with her jumping up and down, that SHRIL bark of hers inside the cab of a truck – it makes your ears and head hurt – seriously…

I’ve had more people in a parking lot move away from the truck once she’s rolling just because she’s SO insistent about this… She’s just as bad about my lap… I can’t tolerate the others stepping on my stomach any more – and they step without mercy if you’re not careful… She’s so tiny, the weight is not an issue… So she knows she’s the only one that I allow to sit on my lap and the others have to be my side… If they attempt anything else, she licks their eyes over and over… Don’t know what that means in dog-talk but I guess ‘cause I don’t let her growl at them, she still thinks she’s establishing her dominance by licking them to death… LOL…

Peanut’s figured out how to get from the back yard into the pool yard… I’ve put garden fencing along the wrought iron gating just about everywhere and I STILL can’t find how she’s doing it… She knows how to swim (and the ONLY one of the four that know to swim to the steps to get out… Geesh… Smallest, shortest time with us and smartest – wouldn’t that figure?)… But I still don’t want her over by the pool when I’m not out there… Just me…

So for weeks, I’ve tried to catch her ‘going over the top’ and haven’t been… There’s an 18” brick wall the wrought iron fence stands on… It’s only a lengthwise brick wide too… Not much of a landing pad if she jumps up and onto it… But Peanut is like a mountain goat as far as jumping and walking precariously on things… Not a major risk taker, she’s still very nimble on her feet… She’d rather get as close to you as she can, and then give you those “Awwww… Ain’t I just tooo cute???” eye lash batting looks to soften you up!... LOL…

Before I got sick, Paul surprised me with a pink pupper pram I’d been looking at and drooling over… I haven’t yet gotten to take it out for a stroll with the Peanut but once I get the energy levels back up, I’m going to use that for an exercise for her and I… Don’t care one bit what anyone else thinks either… Peanut’s my one luxury and comfort critter that tolerates just about everything I come up with… LOL… Even has her own raincoat ‘cause she doesn’t like to get wet…

She just majorily readjusted on my lap which is usually when she’s annoyed at what I’m doing with my hands – must be making too much noise and she can’t sleep well… LOL…

As Always, The Lady

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